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Job: Foreign Trade
Age: 20-30
Working time: more than 2 years
1, professional posts, under the leadership and supervision of the superior finish quantified work requirements, and can independently deal with tasks;
2, tracking orders production schedule, arrange the shipment of the product;
3, responsible for the application of the sample, collection and distribution, hospitality customers, such as sales auxiliary work;
4, is responsible for the work of reconciliation and payment collection;
5, tissue handling customer complaints or returned, and the results fed back to the office or clients.
1, secondary and higher education, international trade or related;
At least 2 years of relevant work experience in the field with a single operation
3, familiar with a single trade operational processes, understand the relevant supply market;
4, with a strong command of English and computer skills;
5, a team player, strong communication, negotiation skills, strong sense of responsibility.
Job: Crystal Light Designer
Age: 25-40
Working time: more than 5 years
1, familiar with a variety of graphics software;
2, Crystal Light has its own unique style, design ideas, and willing to absorb external excellent design concept;
3. The ability to understand the design elements, work focused, patient;
4, like lighting, has excellent design case is preferred.